Character Profile
Full Alias Pride the Arrogant
Gender Male
Age 14
Birthday April 20, 2000
Affiliates All Sins

“I, Pride, am the most cold-hearted Sin... should I be proud of that?” — Pride the Arrogant

Pride, or Pride the Arrogant, is a leader of the Seven Sins and is the human embodiment of the aforesaid deadly sin. He was the one who established the Sin system and was the one who hand-picked the first set of Sins before it was improved later on.


Pride was the one who created the Sin system after realizing that all of the members of his circle of friends were embodied with a specific deadly sin. On April 18, 2014, the first set of Sins were born.


Normal Personality

When in his normal personality, Pride seems average. He is sociably-proficient when it comes to befriending reasonable males, but somehow finds it hard to converse with women or male delinquents. Ever since he met Lust and Gluttony, he also started to type "ouo" emoticons as well since he finds them cute and quite expressive. He seldomly scolds the other Sins nor command them in this personality, and he's not always serious.

Pseudo-Pride Personality

When in his pseudo-Pride personality, Pride reverts into being serious. In this state, his makes no distinguishable expressions—often confusing other people, sometimes even the Sins. He speaks with a harsh tone and often offends other people by belittling them. He also smiles if he sees someone doing something stupid. He also ignores other people if he thinks they're not worth his time. He regularly commands the other Sins in this state.

Pride's logical intelligence and understanding also doubles (or in some cases, triples) in this personality as well, making him a harder person to contradict.

Pride Personality

When in his real Pride personality, Pride becomes extremely rude. He belittles and mocks everyone, including the Sins, just for the fun of it, and whenever a person tries to insult him or to change him, he simply wades through the aforesaid messages as if they were nothing.

Although, Pride's real personality differs a lot from the other Sin personalities. First of all, the real Pride personality doesn't last for long, and its rudeness gradually lessens by itself over time. Second, its activation is unpredictable—to the point that Pride is not even aware when it'll return. Also, Pride does his best to not show his real personality since it offends everyone, the Sins not being excluded. Also, he never commands other Sins on this personality.

The real Pride personality can also be easily subdued and defeated by intelligent Sins like Lust and Gluttony.


• Pride is often despising Greed since he's the only Sin who rebels against his commands.

• Pride, according to himself, is the most cold-hearted SIn.