Character Profile
Full Alias Lust the Lascivious
Gender Female
Age 13
Birthday July 31, 2000
Affiliates Pride, Wrath, Greed

I must sail the ship of this beautiful yet indecent, pairing.” — Lust the Lascivious

Lust, or Lust the Lascvious, is a member of the Seven Sins and is the human embodiment of the aforesaid deadly sin. She is the youngest Sin of all but is also considered as one of the most logically intelligent.


The Lust position was replaced on June 4, 2014, where the previous Lust was replaced because the other Sins reckoned that he wasn't "Lust-y" anymore. Pride and Wrath were the ones who placed her in the position after stating that she was the "perfect Lust," and even if she seemed afraid of what other people might think at first, she accepted the position anyway.


Normal Personality

When in her normal personality, Lust might appear to be a little bit "immature" at first, often saying cute emoticons like "ouo" and "eue." She also ignores most insults and often speak sarcastically. At this state, she also seems to praise Pride more often, calling him "cool" and "awesome." She also likes to joke around and mess with her friends and the other Sins.

Lust Personality

All of the fun-going attitude, although, fades away once she switches to her Lust personality. As described by herself, Lust may be smug or seductive. She also, like Pride, speaks in proper grammar and punctuation once she's in this state. She also ignores jokes and enjoys "burning" other people (and on some rare occasions, even the Sins) whenever she sees fit.


• Lust seems to not be aware of the things she does whenever she's in her Lust personality.

• Lust has another hidden personality she often calls "Rukiel," but she never discusses it to anyone.