Character Profile
Full Alias Gluttony the Voracious
Gender Male
Age 14
Birthday May 2, 2000
Affiliates PrideLustGreedWrath

“When all goes down to hell, better not die in an empty stomach” — Gluttony the Voracious

Gluttony, or Gluttony the Voracious, is a member of the Seven Sins and is the human embodiment of the aforesaid deadly sin. Like Lust, he is one of the most intelligent among the Sins and is a skilled tactician and counselor.


The first Gluttony was created on April 18, 2014, when Pride first established the Sin system, but he was replaced on June 11, 2014 since the other Sins noticed that the previous Gluttony wasn't keeping up well with his embodied deadly sin anymore.


Normal Personality

In his normal personality, Gluttony is actually a friendly outgoing guy. He really loves helping other people with their problems in life, whether it's about love or about friends, and he cares for the needy. He won't hesitate to give food to poor people if he's in the right mood. Other than that, Gluttony is also a kind friend to the other Sins, and he's pretty sarcastic, like Wrath in his normal personality.

Gluttony Personality

Gluttony completely changes when he reverts to his Gluttony personality. Staying truthful to the sin he embodies, Gluttony becomes uncontrollable in self-indulgence, even not following Pride's orders. He also becomes a little bit arrogant and aggressive, even being brave enough to confront an intelligent Sin like Lust.

Jude Personality

Like Pride, Gluttony hides another personality that he hasn't shown yet.


• Along with Wrath, Gluttony also acts as a mentor for Pride.